Ella Ultimate Acrylic Walk-In Spa Bath with Foot Massage


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The Ella Ultimate Walk In Spa Bath with Foot Massage is truly the ultimate therapeutic bathtub for taking a quick shower, relaxing in a soaking bath, or enjoying a powerful and rejuvenating foot massage. The Ultimate Spa Bath only needs to be filled to the top of the seat for the therapeutic foot massage to work. If a full body bathe is desired, continue to fill the tub to the top. The Ultimate Spa Bath comes equipped with an 18 GPM fast fill faucet, so filling the tub to either level can be accomplished quickly and effortlessly.

17 Jet Hydro Massage System with Independent Foot Massage
The Ultimate hydro jet massage system comes equipped with 17 hydro jets, an in-line water heater, ozone sterilization, and an additional hydro pump for an independently operated foot massage. 17 strategically placed hydro jets deliver a therapeutic massage to your lower back, hips, legs and feet. Included also is an intensity control dial so that you may adjust the strength of the jets depending on your needs. The additional hydro pump allows use of the foot massage jets independently from the rest of the jets. What does this mean for you? It means you don’t have to fill up the entire tub to utilize the foot massage, just fill up the bottom foot area of the tub and enjoy a relaxing foot massage. The in-line water heater helps maintain a consistent temperature while you bathe when the hydro jets are in use. Ozone sterilization eliminates a wide variety or microbiological bacteria and prevents mold and mildew build-up. In-line water heater and Ozone sterilization automatically engage when the hydro system is running.

17 Jet Air Massage System
The air jet massage system comes with 17 air jets, a 3 speed pump, and auto-purge. 17 air jets offer a soothing, steady stream of air into the water to help you relax and gently massage your lower back, hips, and feet. The 3 speed pump allows you to adjust the strength of the jets to your liking. Auto-purge automatically engages 20 minutes after the air jets have been shut off to evacuate water and residual moisture trapped in the jets. This helps prevent mildew and other bacteria from building up in the air massage system.

Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy
Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy includes a microbubble jet and easy to use on/off push control. A single Microbubble jet pressurizes water with oxygen, resulting in billions of tiny, oxygen-rich bubbles that are released directly into your tub through the single microbubble jet. As the bubbles burst, oxygen is infused into your skin and the silky smooth bathwater, gently cleansing while also giving you exfoliated, softer skin. Infusion™ Microbubbles patented technology super-saturates water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular water alone. This unique combination of water and air — there are no other ingredients or additives — provides more combined benefits than any other hydrotherapy in history.

Heated Seat and Backrest
Advanced radiant heaters provide soothing comfort directly to the seat and backrest so you can be sure to remain comfortable and warm while your walk-in bathtub fills. Gone are the days of being cold while waiting for your tub to fill with this wonderful option. A simple to operate easy to reach push button on/off switch comes installed when this option is selected.

LED Chromatherapy
LED Chromatherapy includes an LED light and an easy to use on/off push control. The LED light cycles through various colors and illuminates the entire water for a beautiful and soothing experience. Color has often been used in the past as treatment for illnesses. Since 1876, people used light waves to rid the mind and body of ailments and this is what is referred to as Chromatherapy. It is believed that each color has a different healing property. The included push control allows you to control the LED light, you can choose to have it cycle through a spectrum of colors or you can manually cycle it to your favorite color and have it hold there.

Our easy to use aromatherapy system can help you relax and recuperate. Relaxation can be induced by all five senses, especially smell. This is why we offer this feature as an option on any of our tubs with our hydro jet system. The aromatherapy system works by infusing oil into the hydro jet lines and fills your tub with the decadent scent that you have chosen creating a pleasant aroma for you to enjoy and relax in.

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